How to Change Your Thinking For a More Positive Life


“Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” – Abraham Lincoln

To harness the power of positive thinking and become more positive, the first and most critical step is to cultivate a more positive mindset. Take care of your mental garden and then sow the seeds of a new way of thinking.

However, developing a positive mindset requires practice. Similar to how runners train their bodies to withstand prolonged periods of activity, you can train your mind to maintain positive thought and naturally gravitate toward pleasant experiences. At first, thinking positively may feel awkward or absurd (especially if you are the type of person who believes perky morning people are annoying). Remember, however, that the more you practice, the easier it becomes, and eventually, maintaining a positive mindset will become as natural as breathing.

Positive thinking begins with a deliberate intention to notice and acknowledge the positivity in any situation. Once you recognise the positivity, of a situation or thought, the positive thinking process can start. Being able to identify and use the positive in your thoughts and actions enables you to more effectively accomplish your goals, realize your dreams, and have a positive impact on all of your endeavors.

The actual process of positive thinking works in a variety of ways to achieve desired outcomes in both our personal and professional lives. A person who acts positively, naturally attracts positive people. By believing in positive outcomes, we become more receptive to them as facts and more receptive to their reality. When focusing on the positive, we can more easily see alternative, more helpful routes to take. It is also possible to improve our ability to see the path to success and to use our knowledge to get there.

The fundamentals of positive thinking are straightforward. This straightforward process entails actively seeking the affirmative in any situation, recognising the benefits of each positive trait, and then acting on these positive thoughts with a can-do attitude.

Some exercises to think more positively

As with any training program, there are steps to follow in order to achieve the best results possible: in this case, a positive mental outlook. You may already know that it takes 21 days to establish a new habit. As a result, repeat each step for a minimum of 21 consecutive days. You can tackle one step at a time or the entire program; just make certain you miss nothing.

To reap the personal and professional benefits of positivity, you must first train your mind to think positively – without you having to choose to “be positive.”

This will require you to take certain steps.

To begin with, you must make a conscious decision to pursue positive thinking and then devote your entire being to achieving that goal. To influence your life, you must also believe in the benefits of positive thinking. And, because there will be setbacks along the way, you will rely on the strength of your convictions to keep you on track. Once you’ve committed to developing positive thinking skills, you’ll need to engage in certain exercises to teach yourself the techniques and to reinforce the affirmative thoughts already present in your mind. The following is a list of resources for learning and practicing positive thinking.

The most important: look at your negative self-talk

The first step toward developing positive thinking skills is to assess your current mode of thought. Consider the last time you had a bad day.

What was your reaction?

What were you telling yourself, both internally and aloud?

What initial reactions did you have to the situation?

What emotions did the situation elicit in you?

How do you currently feel about the situation?

The answers to these questions will provide some insight into the type of self-talk you typically engage in. For example, did you chastise yourself over the issue? Did your mind look for ways to blame yourself for the problem? Have you attributed the incident to bad luck? We literally can “talk” ourselves into or out of success and happiness.

Use your mental treadmill and begin training to change your self-talk! You will reap the benefits one day.

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